Internal Gifts and Hospitality Policy


All members of the University need to be aware that this is a sensitive area where perception is very important. Compliance with this policy will assist the University in demonstrating responsible use of resources. It provides parameters within which the University may provide gifts and/or hospitality at the discretion of a Senior Leadership Team (SLT) member.


This policy applies to all members of the University.


This policy governs the giving of gifts and hospitality within the University. 


1.    All gifts and hospitality provided to members are to have a direct relationship to the business activities of the faculty or service division involved

2.    All expenditure on gifts and hospitality provided to members must be within budget

3.    A University contribution will not be made for personal milestones (e.g. birthdays) unless it is specifically covered in this policy

4.    University venues must be used for functions wherever possible

5.    It is expected that any alcohol purchased will be in moderation and moderately priced

6.    All functions for students must be approved by an SLT member

7.    Gifts must not be in the form of cash (except where koha is given) and may not be exchanged by the recipient for cash under any circumstances

8.    The use of tabs for catering is prohibited

9.    Any deliberate or material breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action, possibly including termination of employment, being taken

Christmas/Year end functions

10.    The total cost to the University for Staff Year-end Functions is not to exceed $100 per staff for all activities, food and drink associated with the function. This limit may be supplemented by staff contributions. Partners may attend but their cost will be included within the $100 limit

11. The University will only fund one year end function per staff member, except for SLT members. Approval needs to be obtained from the relevant SLT member is a staff member needs to attend more than one end of year function

12. Christmas gifts for members are not to be paid for by the University

Farewell functions

13. The University may contribute to one farewell or retirement function per member. The amount contributed must correspond with the member's length of service and their contribution (add link to: Gifts and Hospitality Guidelines)

14. A departing member may also invite their partner to their farewell function with prior approval from their SLT member

15. Farewell gifts: The University may make a modest contribution to a farewell gift, commensurate to the member's length of service. The maximum University contribution is $100 unless there are exceptional circumstances (e.g. long service) and approved by a staff at level 2 of the University Organisation Structure (UOS) or above

Other gifts and hospitality

16. Flowers may be given to a member for the bereavement of a close family member, up to a cost of $100

17. In rare situations, the University may fund a morning tea or afternoon tea to mark key milestones or team achievements

18. Lunches must only be catered for working meetings when all efforts to achieve a meeting outside of this time have been made

19. Managers may provide a member with a meal to mark outstanding performance. Such occasions would not normally occur more than once per annum. The choice of venue must be appropriate to the occasion and be moderately priced

20. Members are not to be given non-monetary rewards such as vouchers in lieu of, or in part payment for, services. This does not apply to staff reward and recognition schemes or staff excellence awards

21. Gifts may also be arranged by private contribution


22. Gifts must be approved prior to the expenditure being incurred as follows:

  • gifts up to $100 only requires approval from a person with the appropriate delegated financial authority
  • gifts with a value between $101 and $500 must have written approval from the relevant SLT member
  • gifts over $500 must have written approval from the Vice Chancellor or his delegate


The following definitions apply to this document:

Gift means a reward, gratuity or other consideration beyond remuneration and reimbursement. It may take the form of a tangible object or a benefit, for example, free use of a corporate box at a sporting event or privileged access to goods or services

Hospitality means catering and entertainment provided to members of the University

Member means those persons who make up the University as set out in section 3(2) of The University of Auckland Act 1961 and includes University employees, students, Council committee members, contractors, sub-contractors and invitees

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries

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  • Sensitive Expenditure Policy
  • Gifts and Hospitality Guidelines

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