Health, safety and wellbeing

Here you will find the University’s statutes, policies, procedures and associated documents to ensure appropriate health and safety standards are met and that our community is safe and protected.

  • Guidance and management

    Health and safety committees, field trips, phased handover of buildings, accident leave and compensation, early childhood centre health and safety

  • Health and Safety Policy

    The responsibilities of staff members and students with respect to Health and Safety and setting the expectations of the University

  • Hazards

    Health and safety hazards such as electrical appliances, chemicals, lasers and ionising radiation, infectious diseases, and design and use of equipment

  • Emergency

    Health and safety documents relating to civil defence, first aid and emergency evacuations

  • Wellbeing

    Eye tests, rehabilitation and ensuring a safe and healthy work environment

  • Health and safety topics

    Health and safety topic protocols underpin the new University Health and Safety Policy. A protocol is a set of documents which comprise a standard, procedures (where required) and guidance.