Work Experience Policy and Procedures


University departments are often approached by senior secondary or tertiary students wishing to gain unpaid work experience. Work experience is an educationally based programme which places students in the workplace, giving the opportunity to learn about work and organisations as part of their education programme.

The primary purpose for providing work experience is to expose the individual to the activities of the University as an employer, and not to replace work done by a staff member.


All University staff members working with students undertaking work experience


To outline the policy and related procedures with regard to work experience


1.    Work experience must be in association with senior secondary or tertiary study and it must be initiated by the student or educational institution

2.    In giving work experience opportunities to an individual, any useful economic benefit derived by the University will be incidental to the work experience

3.    In most situations, work experience must not extend beyond a few days

4.    Any proposal for more than two weeks must be discussed with Human Resources

5.    If any payment is made to an individual on work experience, this must be considered for PAYE deduction

6.    If there is any fee paid for service, then this is to be treated as an employment relationship with all the associated rights and obligations

7.    Any payment as a scholarship must be to support study, and not the staffing requirements of the University

8.    Academic Services must be consulted on all scholarship related matters


9.    There must be a written exchange with the person seeking work experience

10.    The letter must specify that it is not an employer/employee relationship, and that there is no obligation on the person to undertake work beyond that necessary to gain the experience


The following definitions apply to this policy and procedures:

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full time or part time basis

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries

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