Internships and Work Experience Policy and Procedures


Work experience and internships are set up to provide a learning experience that extends from the classroom to the workplace, providing the individual the experience to apply knowledge in the work context.

The primary purpose is to expose the individual to the activities of the University as an employer, and not to replace work done by a staff member.



All University staff members working with students and/or graduates undertaking internships and work experience



To outline the policy and related procedures with regard to internships and work experience



1.    Internships and work experience are to be offered as unpaid opportunities

2.    If there is any fee paid for service, then this is to be treated as an employment relationship with all the associated rights and obligations

3.    Reimbursement for travel and/or related expenses may be made at the discretion of the University


4.    Internships are usually to be around 8-12 weeks in duration

5.    Interns must be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement if they have access or are expected to work with personal information of staff members and students

Work experience

6.    Work experience must be in association and initiated by the student or educational institution

7.    In giving work experience opportunities to an individual, any useful economic benefit derived by the University will be incidental to the work experience

8.    Work experience is to usually last a few days

9.    Any proposal for more than two weeks must be discussed with your Human Resources Advisory team


10. Interns and individuals on work experience must adhere to all University policies Interns and individuals on work experience are required to keep confidential any information relating to University business during and post the placement

11. Due consideration must be given by all staff members before any access to information, particularly sensitive information,  is granted to interns and individuals on work experience



12.    There must be a written exchange with the person seeking work experience and/or an internship

13.    The letter must specify that it is not an employer/employee relationship, and that there is no obligation on the person to undertake work beyond that necessary to gain the experience


The following definitions apply to this policy and procedures:

Internships are an opportunities for students and graduates to gain experience in the workplace in order to assist with transferable skills for future employment opportunities

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full time or part time basis

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries

Work experience is a short term placement provided to senior secondary or tertiary study students in order to provide them with an experience of a professional working environment

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