Back in Your Day

Remember UoA back in your day? We do.

Whatever the decade, we have the pictures! Take a trip down memory lane and relive the sights, sounds and awkward catch phrases of your University of Auckland days.

Why we're doing this

We've lost touch with many thousands of our alumni, and we'd like to reconnect. With the removal of COVID restrictions in many countries, in the last year people have returned to New Zealand or moved back overseas and we no longer have the correct contact details for them.

We'd like to let our alumni know about the benefits we offer them, invite them to events like public lectures and reunions, send them our alumni magazine with competitions and special offers, and more. We need the right contact details to be able to do that.

Any comment or questions?

If you have any questions about the promotion or the Back in Your Day experience, please let the alumni team know. You can contact us via email at