Collaborative Active Learning Spaces

Collaborative learning space

Our four Collaborative Active Learning Spaces (CALS) on Epsom Campus are designed for group learning. They are centred around flexible table structures – the standard set-up is 6-8 people grouped around a table where they can work on an activity together.

The four CALS are:

  • 6EA-325: with capacity for 72 seats
  • 6EH-401: with capacity for 45 seats
  • 6EN-614: with capacity for 60 seats
  • 6EN-637: with capacity for 60 seats

The rooms contain standard projectors for lecturing, regular TV display screens and AirPlay (so students can present and stream from their own devices). There are also 30 iPads in each room for class use.

All the furniture is flexible in its set-up. Users are asked to return the room set up to the standard six-seater tables after use.

There is usually one room free for bookings.

Staff wishing to book a Collaborative Active Learning Space should book through University room bookings.

Other people should phone 09 623 8808 or email Facilities and Services Manager Raymond Dixon.