Epsom gymnasium

Epsom Campus is home to three gymnasiums.

  • 6EG-101 is a ballsport room with a hardwood floor for basketball or other ball-related activities. It has court markings, hoops and wall climbing facilities. It holds a capacity of 45 people.
  • 6EG-113 is an indoor astroturf multi-disciplinary space. It can be used for almost any sport: rugby, touch rugby, soccer, hockey, netball, futsal, tennis and athletics. It holds a maximum of 100 people. External users are expected to bring their own balls and equipment.
  • 6EM-201 is a large basketball or gymnastic space with capacity for 80 people. As well as court markings and hoops, it also contains gymnastics equipment such as hoops, balance bars and vault horses.

These spaces are used for our Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education classes. They are also widely used by University clubs and by outside users.

The gymnasiums are generally available in daytimes during the week, but heavily booked in the evenings.

Users are asked to wear sensible shoes - no spikes or rugby soles. Muddy shoes should not be used on the astroturf.

Bottled water is permitted in the gymnasiums, but no other drinks or food can be consumed.

Staff wishing to book a gymnasium should book through University room bookings.

University clubs or outside individuals or organisations should phone 09 623 8808 or email Facilities and Services Manager Raymond Dixon.