Science labs

Science lab

There are three dedicated science labs on Epsom Campus and a Collaborative Active Learning Space (CALS) that can be used for science education.

  • 6EA-322 has seating for 40 people.
  • 6EA-324 has seating for 40 people.
  • 6EA-337 has seating for 30 people.
  • CALS room 6EA-325, with seating for 72, also doubles as a science lab.

Science labs contain sinks, gas hobs and bunsen burners and have vinyl floors and flexible furniture. They are fitted with first aid kits and wash stations.

These spaces are intended for science education, with teacher-only supplies of chemicals for demonstration only. Rooms are naturally ventilated and do not have extractor fans. They are not intended as spaces for student experimentation with dangerous chemicals or materials. They are not suited for specialised or long-term scientific research or experimentation.

People wishing to book these rooms must be very specific about what they will be used for and how safety concerns will be addressed.

A lab technician is available if needed.

Staff wishing to use one of the science labs should book through University room bookings.

University clubs or outside individuals or organisations should phone 09 623 8808 or email Facilities and Services Manager Raymond Dixon.