Prepare to get hired

Want to get a part-time job, internship or graduate role? Want to get hired? Then get prepared!

Organisations and recruiters across a range of exciting industries are on campus and they could be your next employer - so get ready for the process! 

Click through the steps below to see our top tips, and for more information on workshops and activities that can help you put your best foot forward. 


1) Know yourself

Knowing yourself and what makes you tick is the first important step in planning your career. Learn how to identify and pursue a fulfilling career that aligns with your values and interests. 


2) Exploring possibilities 

Once you know more about yourself and what you want, you can start to search for the relevant opportunities. 


3) Online applications

Almost every company will require an online job application and you’ll need a CV and cover letter. Find out how to get these key documents right.   


4) Psychometric testing

Psychometric testing – it might sound a bit intimidating but it’s a common part of the job application process. Luckily it’s something you can practice and prepare for!


5) Video interviews

You may need to take part in a video or Skype interview if your employer requests it or if you’re currently living in a different region to the job. Check out how you can ace one here.


6) Phone interviews

Telephone interviews are another common part of the job application process. You might have a telephone interview as a pre-screening before you’re asked back for an in-person interview - so here's how to get it right.


7) Interviews

Congratulations, you’ve made it through to the physical interview stage! Here's how to keep making a good impression.


8) Assessment centres

Assessment centres can happen before or after a one-on-one interview. They involve you undertaking exercises and tests that will assess your interpersonal skills, problem-solving ability and performance under pressure. Here's how you can prepare for them. 


9) Pre-employment checks

You've made it this far - so keep up the good work by acing your checks and references. 


10) Success - the offer!

Congratulations, you've been offered a job! So…what next?