Mercer Memorial Scholarship

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This Scholarship arises from a fund subscribed in 1948 by the members of the Air Pilots’ Guild of New Zealand, friends and admirers of the late Captain J. C. Mercer, who was killed in 1944 while flying in a commercial aeroplane. Captain Mercer spent twenty-seven years’ active life as a pioneer in air transport.
From 1948 to 1964 the fund was administered by the University of New Zealand and the University Grants Committee, and one Scholarship was available. In 1965 the fund was divided to provide separate Scholarships at the University of Auckland and the University of Canterbury

How to apply

Please read the regulations carefully to be sure you are eligible before you apply.  Then click on the blue “Apply here” button and complete the online application form.

Scholarship applications will usually open around 6 weeks before the closing date.  We recommend you check the form early for any request sections, in case a referee or supervisor is required to support your application and to familiarise yourself with the form.  Apart from any sections that are sent to a referee to endorse, you can go in to your form and amend your answers for all other sections up to the closing date.  All sections (including any request sections) must be submitted by the closing date, which is midnight on the specified date (unless stated otherwise).   We recommend you do not have two different scholarship applications open within the same browser.

Outcomes are determined by a selection committee and are usually notified around six weeks after the closing date.

Need more information?

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Applicable study: Postgraduate research in Aeronautics
Closing date: 15 March
Tenure: 1 year
For: Assistance to engage in original work
Number on offer: At least 1
Offer rate: Annually
Value: Up to $3,500


Every effort has been made to ensure the information we have supplied is correct and up to date. However we strongly advise that you check the regulations, application forms and any other information that is available, to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for any application you might make, and that you understand the implications of any regulations, awarding value and closing dates.