Hands up for students

Will you be a hand up for students in need? Join fellow colleagues to contribute to life-changing funds for students who need it most.

As an employee of The University of Auckland you are able to have a donation deducted from your fortnightly salary and donated to the student support fund of your choice.

A new fund has been created specifically for staff to support students. In times of high stress, crisis or unexpected financial difficulties, completing course work or studying for and passing an exam becomes impossible for some students.

Your gift will help establish early intervention programmes that will support the health and wellbeing of students at a crucial time in their lives. With help from staff at the University of Auckland, students can receive vital support when they need it most, giving them the opportunity to achieve an education and the opportunity to flourish at University, and beyond.

Select an area to support that you're passionate about

You can select from a wide variety of student support and research funds that span across all faculties of the University.

A-Z funds list

View all of our funds on a single page.

A gift in your will

A donation to the University of Auckland in your will, after your loved ones have been provided for, is the means of creating a legacy dedicated to improving and transforming the future for New Zealand and its people.

Other ways to give

Find out about giving by cheque or electronic transfer, making a gift in your will or giving from the US, UK or Canada.

Questions on staff giving

Find answers to some important questions about staff giving, including whether tax can be claimed back and what percentage of donations goes on administrative costs.

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