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Would you risk your life for an education?

When Aryan’s parents put her on a donkey in the middle of the night, and crossed the mountains into Pakistan, they put everything on the line to give their little girl the education – and future – she rightfully deserved.

A future that wasn’t available to her in Afghanistan.

Will you give a student like Aryan the chance for the education they’ve risked so much to achieve?

In Aotearoa New Zealand, Aryan and her family found safety – but not an end to their challenges.  With just $130 in savings, making ends meet for their family of six was a daily struggle.

In my last couple of years of high school, I was working two jobs because I did not want my parents to have the responsibility for meeting my needs.


Despite overcoming so much, Aryan began to realise that the university education she dreamed of was still painfully out of reach.

With a gift to the Refugee Scholarships Drive, you can help a student from a refugee background like Aryan access the life-changing power of education.

For many young people who are granted refuge in Aotearoa New Zealand, the costs associated with achieving a tertiary education are insurmountable.

With your generous help, The University of Auckland’s Refugee Scholarships Drive supports these students by breaking down financial barriers.

Funded entirely through donations, these scholarships provide recipients with financial assistance to help cover fees and pay for essentials such as textbooks or public transport.

For Aryan, receiving a scholarship meant she could leave one of her jobs and dedicate the time she needed for her Bachelor of Marketing and International Business.

Just being able to go to school and know I’m safe and welcome...that my education matters to my teachers and government. It’s just something I could never have imagined for myself


The Refugee Scholarships Drive makes a tangible difference in the lives of refugee students, who often have sacrificed their safety to knock on the doors of this world-class institution.

Your gift today will mean the world to a student who has sacrificed everything for the education they deserve.