Members of the University community will be invited to participate.


This tool is used across all parts of the University in 2023, and therefore your support is needed to improve University of Auckland | Waipapa Taumata Rau health, safety and wellbeing performance. 


An essential part of the management process for any organisation is the ability to review performance and perceptions, and reflect in order to plan improvements. 

The Safeplus assessment enables an organisation to qualitatively measure – through a ‘deep dive’ process of conversations and practical observations – its current health and safety practices and underlying work culture, and provides a platform for continuous improvement.  

SafePlus Assessment tool

Health Safety and Wellbeing team is in the process of sending staff members a link to a quick online questionnaire.  

It should take you about 6 to 10 minutes to answer some multi-choice questions about your experience of health, safety and wellbeing at University of Auckland | Waipapa Taumata Rau. 

Your response is anonymous and confidential. The feedback will only be used to improve health, safety and wellbeing at University of Auckland | Waipapa Taumata Rau.   

It is really important that every invitee participates so we get the most accurate picture possible of where and how we need to improve. 

Completion of the assessment will assist UOA in: 

  • Understanding how Health, Safety and Wellbeing is perceived 
  • Identifying areas which require a focused approach to quality improvement in UOA HSW process 
  • Ensuring UOA is a safe place to work 
  • Providing a degree of confidence about our health, safety and wellbeing performance 
  • Boosting our reputation as an employer of choice  

The link will be open for two weeks to give the participants time to give thier feedback. 

Watch a video on 'Taking part in a SafePlus online Assessment

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