Chinese Student Association (NZCSA)

The New Zealand Chinese Students’ Association (NZCSA) is an incorporated student society that aims to serve the Chinese students in New Zealand, promote the Chinese Culture and act as a bridge between the Chinese student community and the mainstream community.

NZCSA hosts a range of events from ski trips to course tutorials. Our major annual events attract over 100 participants and advertising reaches over the entire city campus of University of Auckland (“UoA”), our co-operating business partners (around 60) and the partnership Chinese student organisations in all major tertiary institutes. Each event is planned, organised and executed by students where they must find sponsors and liaise with all stakeholders. On top of exclusive NZCSA events, there are also joint events we hold with ASIA- an alliance of all Asian student organisations in University of Auckland, such as the Grande Royale ball in 2014 or the Halloween Party. 

新西兰中国学生联合会(NZCSA)是一个在新西兰专门为华人学生服务的社团,以促进中国文化,建立中国学生社区和主流社会之间的桥梁。NZCSA举办了一系列的活动包括滑雪旅行和课堂教学。我们每年的活动,平均吸引超过100多人的参与。我们合作伙伴包括约60个商家和各个不同校园的中国学生组织。每个活动的策划与组织,我们都需要寻找赞助商的支持与联系涉及活动的有关部门。除了平时常规的社团内活动,我们还提供与各个在奥大的亚洲社团联合举办的大型活动例如皇家舞会 (2014) 和万圣节派对 (2014).