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The Recommendations on Curriculum Structure developed by the Structure Working Group of the Curriculum Framework Transformation were open for formal consultation in May 2022. They are listed in Table 1 of the Curriculum Framework Consultation Paper. 


The structure component of the Curriculum Framework Transformation (CFT) Programme is responsible for proposing an integrated structural framework that gives effect to the Graduate Profile and helps realise a distinctly Waipapa Taumata Rau | University of Auckland educational experience as outlined in the University’s strategic plan Taumata Teitei.​ 

The Structure Working Group includes the Faculty and Specialist Leads supported by the wider CFT Taskforce and is led by Peter Shand and Claire Sinnema.   

Supporting Paper

The Curriculum Structure Paper gives context to the Recommendations for Curriculum Structure. It introduces the strategic context of the structure component of the Curriculum Framework Transformation (CFT) work and its relevance to Taumata Teitei. It outlines the approach and engagement journey including the many colleagues who contributed directly to the thinking and development of the Recommendations.

The outcome of the structure work is a set of 24 Recommendations for consultation that cover three domains:

  • Undergraduate curriculum structure
  • Sub-doctoral postgraduate curriculum structure
  • Pathways

The paper notes the contexts considered of these domains together with the Recommendations pertinent to each.

These are followed by a short comment on phased implementation.

The paper is accompanied by a short appendix summarising early assessment of selected international curriculum models and elements. A second appendix offers a diagram of standard pathways from undergraduate to doctoral study at Waipapa Taumata Rau | University of Auckland recommended in the paper.

Next steps

Consultation on the Recommendations is open until Monday 30 May. Following consultation, a Review Committee Chaired by Emeritus Professor Graeme Aitken will convene to review feedback from staff, students, and external stakeholders.

The Review Committee will present a report with its findings and recommendations to the University Executive Council on Thursday 23 June.  

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