Level 1: Current aspirations for University of Auckland Graduates


"Graduates of the University have a broad knowledge base and disciplinary expertise. They are aware of contemporary research in their field of specialisation and able to conduct their own research and investigations. They are excited by ideas, discovery and learning and are conscientious in their endeavours to understand the complexities of the worlds they encounter at work and in society.”

Alignment with Taumata Teitei  Gaps and modifications 
The aspiration that our students become scholarly, having a broad disciplinary base and are curious and continuous learners is consistent with Taumata Teitei.  

The importance of transdisciplinary knowledge and thinking, and knowledges of place, should be included in this aspiration.

Expand focus to include understanding how to apply knowledge for the betterment of society, beyond understanding its complexities. 


"Graduates of the University are future, and solution focused. They are curious, critical and creative. They are capable of developing unique and sustainable solutions to real world problems.”

Alignment with Taumata Teitei  Gaps and modifications 

The importance of innovation and sustainable solutions is apparent throughout Taumata Teitei.

Taumata Teitei makes it clear that we embrace and prioritise a broad approach to sustainability.  

This aspiration should be expanded to be ‘future and solution focused’ in terms of making ‘the world a better place tomorrow than it is today.’

Amplify ‘unique solutions’ to focus more on ethical and equitable solutions.

Strengthen our aspiration to impactful implementation of solutions rather than the softer ‘developing’ solutions.   


"Graduates of the University take personal responsibility and seek opportunities to work with others to advance thinking and achievement in all spheres of their lives. They are confident, inspiring and influential.“

Alignment with Taumata Teitei  Gaps and modifications 

There are multiple references in Taumata Teitei to our students as leaders. The wording in the graduate profile implies collaborative leadership which is similarly consistent.

Needs to convey the subtle development in our aspirations, which emphasises service models of leadership, ethics, mana enhancement, fairness and justice.

Global Citizens

"Graduates of the University are citizens of Aotearoa / New Zealand and the world. They appreciate the role of the Treaty of Waitangi and are aware of global issues. They act with integrity and fluency across cultures and perspectives, are committed to the betterment of society, open in their thinking and appreciative of the riches that diversity and equity bring.”

Alignment with Taumata Teitei  Gaps and modifications 

The emphasis on the betterment of society chimes well with Taumata Teitei as do: the attitudes to diversity, behaving with integrity and the appreciation of the Te Tiriti and internationality. However, the aspiration seems weak when set alongside Taumata Teitei particularly in regard to Te Tiriti principles, Mātauranga Māori, and the sense of place and region.

‘Global citizens’ appears not to capture the breadth of this aspiration, and this title should be adjusted.

There is a strong emphasis in Taumata Teitei on the location of the University in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand, and the Pacific, and ensuring our students are connected to this place, which should be strengthened in this aspiration.

Importantly, manaakitanga, whanaungatanga, and kaitiakitanga are not fully reflected in the current aspirations - Taumata Teitei expresses a strengthening of our aspirations from graduates who ‘appreciate’, “are aware of” and “act” to graduates who “possess an intimate and deep sense of cultural identity, social justice and civic duty”, which needs to be reflected here.

Reflect the importance of ecological sustainability, and students who lead “transition to sustainable and abundant ecosystems”.