International Day of Action

21 October 2020 the University of Auckland joins universities around the world in standing against contract cheating and promoting academic integrity.

University of Auckland Academic Integrity Quiz

An opportunity to see where you're at with your knowledge of academic integrity practices and be in to win one of three $50 University Bookstore vouchers!

What is the International Day of Action?

It is an initiative of the International Center for Academic Integrity. 2020 marks the 5th annual day of action against contract cheating and institutions around the world use this day to educate students and staff about 

  • contract cheating - what it is and why it is so harmful
  • academic integrity - why it is so important and how to #excelwithintegrity

So, what is contract cheating?

Contract cheating is the form of academic misconduct where students have academic work (coursework, tests or exams) completed on their behalf, which they then submit as if they had created it themselves.  Contract cheating can involved the payment of a fee to a third party, but does not have to - it could be a paid company that does the work, or family or friends. Contract cheating is a very serious breach of academic integrity expectations. 

See the University of Auckland's webpage specifically about contract cheating.

#excelwithintegrity | #kiatika

#excelwithintegrity - This is the international hashtag for this event.

#kiatika - The hashtag created at the University of Auckland reflecting New Zealand culture and incorporating mātauranga māori.  

#excelwithintegrity | #kiatika represent the following values at the University of Auckland:

  • Be honest and respect the work of others
  • Value your role as a member of an academic community
  • Submit work that is your own
  • Ask for help if you need it

How can I participate?

  • Take the #excelwithintegrity quiz (and be in to win a $50 bookstore voucher) 


  • Find out more about academic integrity at the University

information for staff

information for students

  • Watch a webinar about academic integrity on 21 October 2020

20 live in 2020

  • Have a look on social media at what other universities are doing

#excelwithintegrity  | #kiatika

Resources for staff

University of Auckland: For more information about the University of Auckland's academic integrity policies, processes and resources go to

ICAI: For more information about the International Day of Action see International Center for Academic Integrity

TEQSA: The Australian Higher Education Quality Assurance body, TEQSA, has produced excellent resources for staff to use in the promotion of academic integrity as well as detecting contract cheating.  Toolkit to support quality assurance agencies to address academic integrity and contract cheating