Academic Audit

The University of Auckland is audited every seven to eight years by the Academic Quality Agency, the body with responsibility through Universities New Zealand for quality assurance of New Zealand universities.

Academic Audits require the University to examine learning, teaching and student support and submit a self-review document to the AQA.  A panel of external peer reviewers is appointed to review the University’s portfolio, and visits the University to meet with staff, students and other stakeholders. 

A public report contains recommendations and commendations.  The University is expected to report on implementation of recommendations. The University was last audited in 2014 (Cycle 5). 

Click here to find out more about the Academic Quality Agency.  

Cycle 6 Academic Audit

Cycle 6 Short Guide

A Short Guide to the Cycle 6 Academic Audit process is available on the Academic Quality Agency website.

The University will undergo academic audit (Cycle 6) in 2022.  The Cycle 6 audit framework has been developed by the AQA in consultation with University quality managers and DVC(A)s. The framework covers:  

  • Leadership and management of teaching and learning and academic    quality 
  • Student life-cycle, support and well-being 
  • Curriculum, assessment and delivery 
  • Teaching quality
  • Supervision of postgraduate research students

As part of Cycle 6 Audit all universities worked over two years on the Enhancement Theme, ‘Access, outcomes and opportunity for Māori students and for Pasifika students’.  The outcomes of the University’s Enhancement Theme work will be reviewed as part of Cycle 6 Audit.   Click here for more information on the Cycle 6 Enhancement Theme

An Academic Audit Steering Group and six Working Groups have been formed to oversee and support self-review for audit.

Cycle 5 Academic Audit

The Cycle 5 academic audit was framed around academic activities related to teaching and learning and student support.

The framework articulated these expectations in a series of guideline statements. For each academic activity theme, universities were expected not just to address whether they had undertaken the activities or processes identified in the guideline statements, but to evaluate how well they did this, and on what evidence they based their self evaluation.

For more information about the Cycle 5 Academic Audit, see the Academic Quality Agency's website.