Approved proofreaders

PReSS-funded thesis proofreading can only be undertaken by a School of Graduate Studies Approved Proofreader.

Some doctoral candidates may wish to have their thesis proofread by a professional. In exceptional circumstances, and if you can provide evidence that paying for proofreading will help you submit on-time, you may be eligible to use your PReSS funds.

To use PReSS funds to have your doctoral thesis proofread, you must use a proofreader who is approved by the School of Graduate Studies. The proofreaders on our List of Approved Proofreaders have provided good references for recent proofreading work.

The School of Graduate Studies has no formal association with those listed and takes no responsibility for the work that they undertake for you. Any work they do for you must comply with the University’s Third Party Editing and Proofreading of Theses and Dissertations Guidelines.

Please note: Inclusion on this list does not confer approved University supplier status. To be paid from a candidate’s PReSS account, each proofreader will need to meet the University’s Procurement Policy requirements to become an approved supplier of goods and services to the University of Auckland. View the Procurement Policy. Administration of payments or reimbursement for PReSS account spending is managed locally by Group Services teams located in faculties/LSRIs.

List of Approved Proofreaders

To view the list of current Approved Proofreaders and guidance on how to apply for PReSS-funded proofreading, visit Staff Intranet: Approved Proofreaders.

Apply to join the List of Approved Proofreaders

If you would like to be considered for the list, please complete the Approved Proofreader Registration.