Find your career direction

Don't know where you're heading with your studies or what career to aim for? Take a look at these three easy steps to help find your career direction.


Step 1: Do some research

We have many e-learning resources available on finding your career direction on our MyCDES+ platform. 

Explore articles, explainer videos, and online learning modules at your own pace to take control of your own career destiny.

Step 2: Take our Intelligent Career Quiz

After you've read up on career direction and decision making, let's see what your next steps could be.

Our Intelligent Career Quiz on the MyCDES+ platform will use three factors (why, how, whom) to work out what you need to work on to ensure your career choices are intelligent.

Step 3: Book a workshop

You've done your research and looked at potential next steps. Now speak to a careers and employability professional to get tailored advice to your area of study or career preference.

Our Career Development and Employability Consultants run a weekly schedule of workshops where we cover topics such as 'finding your career direction' and 'LinkedIn tips and tricks'. We also offer one on one appointments for students.

You can view our workshop schedule and register, as well as book a one on one appointment via our  MyCDES booking platform.

Career Development and Employability Services (CDES) are free to all University of Auckland students throughout your studies and up to three years after you graduate.

We're here to help you realise your potential and make positive steps into the world of work and a thriving career. 

Find out more about CDES and our services.