Academic integrity

All students proposing to enter the University for the first time in Summer School must take the online academic integrity course.

Postgraduate and General Education courses

We have separate course listing pages for postgraduate and General Education courses.

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Please note that our Summer School course lists are structured according to faculties not degree programmes. Another faculty may be offering courses that could be credited to your degree. To make sure that you don't miss opportunities, we recommend that you talk to an adviser at a Student Hub. Student advisers can also help to set you up for future years by ensuring that you enrol in pre-requisite courses at the right times.

Alternatively, you could phone AskAuckland Central on 0800 61 62 63

Undergraduate Arts courses in Summer School 2024

ACADENG 101 Academic English Writing

ACADENG 210 Writing Research Reports

ANCIENT 379 Study Abroad Egypt

ANTHRO 306 Pacific Archaeology

ARTSGEN 104  Te Pārekereke

CHINESE 100 Beginning Modern Chinese 1

CHINESE 178 Chinese Study Abroad 1

CHINESE 277 Chinese Study Abroad 2A

CHINESE 278 Chinese Study Abroad 2B

CHINESE 377 Chinese Study Abroad 3A

CHINESE 378 Chinese Study Abroad 3B

CRIM 205 Crime, Media and Society

ENGLISH 121 Reading/Writing/Text

ENGWRIT 101 English Writing for Academic Purposes

EUROPEAN 206 European Integration

EUROPEAN 277 European Study Abroad 2A

EUROPEAN 278 European Study Abroad 2B

EUROPEAN 302 European Integration


FRENCH 101 Introductory French Language 1

FRENCH 277 French Study Abroad 2A

FRENCH 278 French Study Abroad 2B

FRENCH 322 Linguistic Study Abroad

FRENCH 377 French Study Abroad 3A

FRENCH 378 French Study Abroad 3B


GERMAN 178 German Study Abroad I

GERMAN 277 German Study Abroad 2A

GERMAN 278 German Study Abroad 2B

GERMAN 377 German Study Abroad 3A

GERMAN 378 German Study Abroad 3B

HISTORY 208 African-American Freedom Struggles: USA 1900-2000

HISTORY 308 African-American Freedom Struggles: USA 1900-2000


ITALIAN 177 Study Abroad 1

ITALIAN 277 Italian Study Abroad 2A

ITALIAN 278 Italian Study Abroad 2B

ITALIAN 377 Italian Study Abroad 3A

ITALIAN 378 Italian Study Abroad 3B

ITALIAN 379 Study Abroad Internship

JAPANESE 130 Japanese Language 1A

JAPANESE 178 Japanese Study Abroad 1

JAPANESE 277 Japanese Study Abroad 2A

JAPANESE 278 Japanese Study Abroad 2B

JAPANESE 292 Special Topic: Religion in Modern Japanese Society

JAPANESE 308 Religion in Modern Japanese Society

JAPANESE 377 Japanese Study Abroad 3A

JAPANESE 378 Japanese Study Abroad 3B


KOREAN 110 Korean for Beginners 1

KOREAN 277 Korean Study Abroad 2A

KOREAN 278 Korean Study Abroad 2B

KOREAN 377 Korean Study Abroad 3A

KOREAN 378 Korean Study Abroad 3B

LATINAM 202 Study Abroad (Latin America)

MĀORI 103 Introduction to Spoken Māori

MĀORI 130 Te Ao Māori: The Māori World


NSGEN 47 New Start General

PHIL 105 Critical Thinking

POLITICS 218 American Politics and Public Policy

POLITICS 347 Special Topic American Politics and Public Policy


SOCIOL 101 Understanding Aotearoa New Zealand

SPANISH 277 Spanish Study Abroad 2A

SPANISH 278 Spanish Study Abroad 2B

SPANISH 377 Spanish Study Abroad 3A

SPANISH 378 Spanish Study Abroad 3B


TFCACENG 93F Foundation Academic English

TFCEWRIT 94F Foundation English Writing


All University of Auckland courses are listed in the Course Catalogue.