CHEMMAT 100G Materials of the Modern World

CHEMMAT 100G | ARTS, BE, EDSW, LC | Semester One 2020 | City Campus | 15 points


Every aspect of our daily lives is influenced in some way by the materials that surround us. This course will teach you more about those materials than you ever imagined there was to know!

Ceramics, metals, polymers and composites all have their own properties, which have influenced the development of modern societies. Take a moment to imagine a world without metal, for example, to see how central the science of materials is to everyday life.

This course explores, at a non-specialist level, the basic principles governing the properties and behaviour of materials from microscopic structures, to processing routes, to why we don’t fall through the floor.

Topics covered

  • From invisible atoms to visible matter
  • Ordered solids, chaotic solids
  • Why this solid is strong (or weak) and how we can measure its strength
  • Why and how materials break
  • Recipes for change: the science of redesigning materials
  • Materials that have shaped our modern, hi-tech world


Formal test (15%)
Online assessment (5%)
Three-hour examination (80%)

Student feedback

"This course has strengthened my knowledge of different types of materials."

"Overall, a very interesting and useful course indeed."

"The hands-on learning was most helpful."

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