ENVSCI 101G Environment, Science and Management

ENVSCI 101G | ARTS, BE, EDSW, LC | Semester One & Two 2021 | City Campus | 15 points


Environmental problems are complex, and their resolution involves integrating science, broader knowledge and values. This course uses key environmental debates to explore the challenges associated with the effective management of the environment.

The course aims to introduce a wide range of environmental problems and possible solutions, and to facilitate critical thinking around and evaluation of environmental issues.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you should have gain an appreciation of the wide range of environmental concerns facing our planet and to begin thinking about possible solutions to a sustainable future.

Topics Covered

The course is taught around the following themes:

  • Human population issues: population explosion, world’s food supply and effects of agricultural production
  • Resources: use of energy, mineral and water resources
  • Climate change: global warming, air pollution and ozone depletion
  • Marine environment: ocean pollution and sea level rise
  • Biological issues: ecosystems, energy cycles, soils, biodiversity, invasive species and habitat destruction

Integrating theme: Sustainability

Student Feedback

'I felt really involved in this class.'

'The lecturers were really good! Easy to understand and pasionate about their topics.'

'Interesting course, definitely made me think and become more aware of the world.'

'All aspects of this course were useful and interesting.' 

'The lecturers were very exciting and made the learning fun.'

'The course stimulated my interest and addressed real life issues that I could relate to.'

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