STATS 101G Introduction to Statistics

STATS 101G | ARTS, EDSW, LC | Summer School, Semester One & Two 2021 | City Campus | 15 points


This course introduces you to quantitative research, statistical investigation and data analysis. It aims to build your understanding of data analysis and associated computer skills. You’ll study the steps involved in conducting a statistical investigation with the emphasis on:

  • data analysis and the background concepts necessary for successfully analysing data
  • extrapolating from patterns in data to more generally applicable conclusions (statistical inference)
  • communicating results to others

We bring Statistics alive by:

  • showing videos that show statistics at work in the real world
  • class experiments to illustrate concepts
  • using small groups to brainstorm ideas or get the answers to exercises
  • using computer demonstrations to clarify ideas
  • choosing enthusiastic lecturers who want to see students do well
  • using "clickers"

If your idea of fun is copying formulae off blackboards, you probably won't like our courses.

Student Feedback

'Just wanted to say everything is so well-organised, structured and presented that everyone could excel in any given STATS course.'

'The most organised paper in the University! There is not much you can do to better this course!'

'All in all - STATS would be one of the most student-friendly subjects I've taken!!'

'Amazingly well run course. Have done many papers over the years (since 1973!!!) and in many faculties – and would say that this is the course that has the best learning systems (I love the CD Rom and the weekly tuts is a good idea) and the best backup systems of any. Well done Stats Dept.'

'I am a student in STATS 101, and just wanted to make a point of complimenting you and your staff on an excellent STATS 101 course this semester. The course materials and support were excellent, the course resources were exceptional, and I found both the content and quality of lecturing to be fantastic.'

'The Statistics dept is super organised in terms of lecture notes and structure, very clear communication on all fronts, and good assistance.'

'Excellent interactive lectures – by far the best. I am taking Psychology so Stats isn’t what I wanted to take, but I’ve ended up enjoying it and doing well as a result. The lecturer was brilliant and I really enjoyed her way of teaching – entertaining, patient and supportive.'

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