Exercise Sciences


Exercise Sciences is an exciting postgraduate subject that relates to aspects of everyday life. Study Exercise Sciences to extend your knowledge of how exercise sustains health, improves disease outcomes and enhances human performance.

Exercise scientists investigate the nature of physical activity - how it changes the human body while it is growing, performing incredible physical feats, ageing or at risk of disease. Exercise scientists develop techniques for analysing human performance, generate prescriptions for exercise and novel interventions to reduce chronic disease risk and improve recovery during treatment and rehabilitation.

Areas of study

Exercise Sciences will suit the needs of students seeking excellent research qualifications who are interested in fundamental, applied or clinical topics in the areas of:

  • Biomechanics and computational movement science
  • Exercise physiology and metabolism
  • Exercise and sport psychology
  • Movement neuroscience and motor control

You can study Exercise Sciences in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will gain advanced knowledge of the research and evidence-based processes associated with investigating, understanding and exploring a range of exercise science, sport, health and performance, and clinical practice related topics.

Career opportunities

A postgraduate qualification in the exercise sciences can be an important step toward a rewarding and successful career. Examples of potential careers include:

Exercise physiologist/scientist, exercise/sports science practitioner, corporate health assessor/advisor, human movement scientist, injury prevention consultant, health management facilitator, athlete trainer, respiratory physiologist, human systems scientist, fitness specialist, sport scientist (consultant in biomechanics, exercise, nutrition, physiology), research scientist (university or industry), academic, postdoctoral research fellow and research fellow.

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