Why register with the University of Auckland?

Identity registration is a web-based service that allows anyone to create login details based upon an email address and a password. Registration is typically required for people who wish to:

  • Submit an application for admission to an academic programme.
  • Apply for student accommodation or a scholarship.
  • Register as an overseas agent or representative.
  • Applied to work for the University of Auckland or UniServices.
  • Have an Associate Membership at a University Library.

Registration provides you with personalised access to the University of Auckland's systems and services. It helps you provide the University with information that is needed to:

  • Give you accurate information about the opportunities available to you.
  • Streamline the process of applying for a place in any of the University's academic programmes.
  • Provide timely responses to queries submitted by you.

If you think that you may already have a record, please visit: Previously registered with the University.