When does my student access to online services start?

This page sets out when access to electronic services, such as computers in the Information Commons area and library resources, starts and ends. Some web-based applications, like the Application for Admission, can be accessed at any time.

Electronic access is based on you having an active enrolment in a semester, quarter or academic year:    

  • Semesters - most undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are semester based, ie, Bachelor of Arts, Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences, Master of Engineering, Tertiary Foundation Certificate.
  • Academic year - Doctoral programme enrolments are by calendar (academic) year. 
  • Quarters - programmes that are run by the Graduate School of Management, such as the MBA, are delivered in quarters.

Information about the current years key academic dates.

Sign into Student Services Online to find class start and end dates, and view your class timetable.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Electronic access will begin 4 weeks prior to your class start date and will end 4 weeks after the semester or quarter end date.

For students with an active enrolment in consecutive semesters or quarters, access will be continuous.

Doctoral candidates

Electronic access will begin 4 weeks prior to your enrolment. Access will end 2 years after the start date of your completion year.

Need help?

If you need further assistance please contact our Student Support Team.