Contextual information

The Tertiary Education Commission also provides demographic information about the student body, the level at which students are studying and in which subject areas.

Student ethnicity

The University of Auckland has the most ethnically diverse student body in New Zealand. We are New Zealand’s largest provider of university education to Māori and Pacific students.We are committed to promoting the participation and achievement of Māori and Pacific people in teaching, learning and research. We work with Māori and Pacific people to encourage enrolment in tertiary education and to provide appropriate student support services.

For information about Māori and Pacific people at the University of Auckland, visit:

Level of study

The Tertiary Education Commission has chosen to group together qualifications at Level 7 and Level 8, which combines degree level and some postgraduate level study. Other postgraduate students are enrolled at Levels 9 and 10.

We are committed to providing quality undergraduate and postgraduate programmes benchmarked to high international standards. A substantial proportion of students at the University are involved in postgraduate study and it is our aim to increase the number of students continuing to postgraduate level. Indeed, we have the largest graduate school in the country.

For information about postgraduate study at the University of Auckland, see Future postgraduates.

Student age

The Tertiary Education Commission has chosen to provide information only about the four subject areas which have the highest numbers of students enrolled.

The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s largest and most comprehensive university. It offers a wide range of subjects in addition to those highlighted by the commission, most notably Engineering and Medical Sciences which are strong vibrant disciplines attracting a high quality student intake.

For information about the wide variety of courses available at the University of Auckland, visit our Range of programmes and courses.