Key statistics

The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s largest research organisation with more than 13,000 staff and postgraduate students involved in fundamental and applied research. It generates around $230 million in annual research revenue. In the New Zealand government’s assessment of research output and quality, the Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF), we are the top performer in all three PBRF component areas: Research Quality Evaluation, Research Degree Completions and External Research Income.

In the most recent (2018) evaluation, the University of Auckland:

  • Had 33% of the top rated researchers in the whole country
  • Gained 31% of the funding based on research degree completions and 33% of the funding based on external research income
  • Gained 30% of the funding overall, thereby confirming its position as the nation’s premier research institution

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Staff and student statistics

University statistics on staff and student numbers, qualification completions, and international students for 2013-2022 are available below. Key facts and figures about staff and students are published in the University's Annual Report.


Key Statistics archive contains similar data for previous years.

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