Doctoral Candidates Returning to Commence an Additional Doctorate Procedures


Doctoral candidates who have completed a doctorate and who now wish to commence a new doctorate at the University of Auckland.


To specify the procedures that must be followed by candidates who have completed a doctorate and now wish to commence a new doctorate.  


1. Candidates who have completed a doctorate previously may apply for entry into a doctoral programme, but this must normally be for a different PhD subject.

2. Candidates returning to complete an additional doctorate are not permitted to undertake research in the same subject area or general field.

3. Candidates accepted into the programme will be registered provisionally and undergo the usual provisional year review. This includes meeting all of the University of Auckland’s standard provisional year goals.

4. Candidates must comply with the regulations of the University of Auckland PhD Statute under which they are enrolled.

Key relevant documents

Includes the following:

  • PhD Statute
  • Declaration for Doctoral Candidates with Previous Doctoral Registration

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Date approved: November 2018
Review date: November 2021