Doctoral Oral Examination Organisation and Reimbursement Procedures


The oral examiner in the doctoral oral examination at the University.


To outline the procedures relating to the oral examiner’s in person or virtual attendance at a doctoral oral examination and cost reimbursement. The University requires that one of the examiners is able to attend the oral in person should that be required.


In person

1. Flights and accommodation for the oral examiner are to be arranged by the School of Graduate Studies.

2. The School of Graduate Studies is to contribute a maximum of $950 for examiners within New Zealand and a maximum of $1250 for overseas examiners.

3. If the costs of bringing the examiner to Auckland exceeds the sum provided by the School of Graduate Studies, the academic unit must agree in writing to cover the balance of the costs.

4. The amount contributed by the School of Graduate Studies is to cover the airfare and one night’s accommodation for domestic travel and up to two nights for international travel and is inclusive of GST.

5. It may also be used for the oral examiner’s airport transfers, meals and incidentals.

Note - It does not constitute a per diem allowance

6. Any balance above this figure may be covered by the academic unit with their prior written permission.

7. For reimbursement to occur:

  • original GST receipts must be provided

Note: Copies of credit card or bank statements cannot be accepted as proof as they do not show GST

  • meals can be reimbursed - only for the oral examiner’s own meals at reasonable cost alcohol, mini bar and personal phone calls cannot be covered.

8. The School of Graduate Studies is to reimburse the expenses once the oral examination is completed and all claims have been submitted.

9. All claims must be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies within three months of the date of the oral examination.

10. No reimbursements are to be made for additional expenses incurred without the prior approval of the School of Graduate Studies.

By video conference

11. The facilities used for video conferences are to be through accredited providers with recognised video and audio protocols and high quality equipment.

Note - A test call must be organised prior to the actual conference call so that the appropriateness and compatibility of equipment can be checked.

12. Conferences are to be two-way only unless approved otherwise in advance by the Board of Graduate Studies.

13. The School of Graduate Studies is to meet reasonable costs for oral examinations conducted by video conference where the oral examiner is the party off-site.


The following definitions apply to this document:

Academic unit may refer to a faculty, school, department or institute

Oral examiner refers to the doctoral thesis examiner appointed by the Examination Committee to attend the doctoral candidate’s oral examination, either in person or by video conference

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries

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