Doctoral Thesis Submission Post-Examination Procedures


Doctoral candidates governed by programme regulations that came into effect in or after 2020.


To specify the procedures that must be satisfied, post successful examination, in order for the requirements for the award of a doctoral degree at the University of Auckland to be met.


1. Where the decision of the Board of Graduate Studies (or delegate) is that a doctoral degree not be awarded, the work submitted for examination is not permitted to be held in the University library or digital repository and is not eligible for submission under these procedures.

2. Subject to clause 1, all documentation submitted for examination (other than as part of the coursework component of named doctorates) must be submitted in digital form to ResearchSpace via Wahapū within one month of the final version being approved, post examination, pursuant to the Doctoral Examination Procedures and, where applicable, the DocFA Submission and Examination Procedures (“final submission”).

3. A candidate may apply through Wahapū, at the time of final submission, to embargo the examined work, normally for a maximum of two years, if it contains confidential and sensitive material that would:

  • breach prior contractual arrangements with outside organisations


  • prevent or jeopardise an application for a patent, licence, or registration


4. A candidate may apply through Wahapū, at the time of final submission, to embargo the examined work, normally for a maximum of one year, if there are plans to publish all or part of the examined work, and public access will jeopardise the author’s intellectual property rights.

5. Where Wahapū is unavailable, the candidate must complete the process by means stipulated by the School of Graduate Studies.

6. A statement from the supervisor is required as part of an application under clauses 3 or 4.

7. Applications to embargo the examined work will be determined by the Dean of Graduate Studies (or nominee).

8. All other post-examination requirements stipulated in the relevant named doctorate regulations must be met in order for the relevant named doctorate to be awarded.


The following definitions apply to this document:

Candidate, for the purposes of these procedures, refers to a person who has had all work for the relevant doctorate successfully examined.

ResearchSpace refers to the University of Auckland research repository.

Supervisor refers to the (acting) main supervisor, or to a joint supervisor.

Thesis is a substantial presentation of the outcome of an original and coherent doctoral research project. It situates the research in the broader framework of the disciplinary field(s), and entails a cohesive written document.

Wahapū is the University’s online doctoral candidature management system.

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