Charitable Trusts and Foundations Policy


This policy applies to all University members.


To set out the requirements of the University in relation to setting up a charitable trust or foundation in support of the University.


1. Any charitable trust or foundation to be set up using the name of The University of Auckland or referring to any part of the University must have prior approval by resolution of the University Council.

2. Staff of the University who wish to be involved in setting up a charitable trust or foundation for the purpose of procuring philanthropic support for the University or any part of the University (e.g. a faculty or research centre) must obtain the prior permission of the Vice-Chancellor.

3. In the first instance, requests for approval to establish a charitable trust or foundation must be directed to the Registrar & General Counsel together with details of the proposed constitution documents for the trust or foundation, the Trustees, and prospective donors.

4. The University Council has resolved, that one trust, The University of Auckland Foundation, and having that name will be permitted to hold funds within New Zealand to benefit the University of Auckland and to use the name of the University in that context.

5. The establishment of a charitable trust or foundation in another country, or countries, (e.g. the UK or USA Friends of The University of Auckland) will be approved by the Council on the basis that only one such trust or foundation will exist in each country.

6. This policy is not intended to seek or imply control of the activities of trusts or foundations which confer a benefit on the University.

7. The Council in considering an application to establish a charitable trust or foundation using the name of the University will take into account the need to protect the name and reputation of the University in raising funds for its academic and related activities.


The following definitions apply to this document:

Charitable trust means a trust that has a purpose which, in accordance with New Zealand law, is charitable.

Members means members of the University and includes members of Council, Council committees and other committees, students, staff, committee appointees and the University’s companies’ staff and board members.

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

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