Developing the Strategic Plan 2021–2030

Taumata Teitei – Vision 2030 and Strategic Plan 2025

25 November 2020

Based on the feedback to our first draft of the strategy, we have prepared the final draft entitled ‘Taumata Teitei – Vision 2030 and Strategic Plan 2025’.

It will be presented to the University Senate and Council during the next two to three weeks.

Thematic Analysis

The themes arising from the submissions from the first round of consultation were analysed and synthesised. 

This thematic analysis, together with other sources of information and data, has shaped the draft Strategic Plan. 

The following papers outline the thematic analysis that was completed for each workstream. They include a list of the working group members. The last PDF combines all of the papers into one document.

Key dates

Engagement on the Strategic Plan is happening in two distinct stages. The first occurred between July and September 2020, and was centred around the publication of position papers to stimulate discussion by students and staff on a range of relevant topics.

The second stage of engagement takes place during November 2020, after publication of the draft Strategic Plan. 

Following stakeholder input, and review by the University Senate on 30 November, a revised draft will be presented to the University's Council on 9 December 2020. Between then and March 2021, the draft Strategic Plan will be refined, and a final draft produced for Council in March 2021, with an anticipated launch date of April 2021.

Primary milestones and meeting dates in developing the Strategic Plan. Draft Strategic Plan released 2 November 2020. Meeting of Senate, 30 November 2020. Meeting of Council, 9 December 2020. Meeting of Senate, 1 March 2021. Meeting of Council, 15 March, 2021.
Whakatō Kākano: timeline for development of Strategic Plan