July 2020 UniNews

Lara Greaves: psychology to politics; Ed Gane and Tim Dare's Hep C battle; Peter Hunter's ambitions for ABI; Karamia Müller, Māramatanga; TFC poetry winners

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Dr Lara Greaves

Dr Lara Greaves has numerous threads to her research, from Māori politics, identity and health, to sexual identity and referenda.

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Professor Merryn Gott

It's World Hepatitis Day this month, so Professor Tim Dare talks about the gratitude he feels to Professor Ed Gane, and why they’re teaming up.

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Dr Karamia Muller

Dr Karamia Müller from the School of Architecture and Planning has her say about the value placed on lives during Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter.

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Peter Hunter

Peter Hunter has a vision for developing the Auckland Bioengineering Institute even further.

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Indiarose Thomas

During lockdown, students doing the Tertiary Foundation Certificate entered a poetry competition called Lockdown Breakout. The results were impressive.

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Susan Morton

Read features from current and previous UniNews, as well as research, news, events and opinion. Pictured is Susan Morton from May 2020.

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