December 2021 UniNews

Provost Valerie Linton; Ginny Braun; Diane Brand; opinion by Anne Bardsley; Andrew Hall; Alofa So’olefai; Best of 2021; Scroll down to see more.

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Valerie Linton

UniNews meets the University’s inaugural Provost, Professor Valerie Linton, to find out what the role entails – and who she is.

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Professor Ginny Braun

Professor Ginny Braun’s lifetime of psychology research has been honoured with the Marsden Medal.

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Diane Brand

Diane Brand says the move from professional architect to academia was liberating. Now the Dean of Creative Arts and Industries is off in another direction.

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Alofa So’olefai

Alofa So’olefai is the AUSA president for 2022. First up, boosting minority voices.

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Anne Bardsley

Opinion: We now face the reality that Covid will likely be with us for the foreseeable future: indeed, it will almost inevitably become endemic.

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Andrew Hall

Dr Andrew Hall is an EV enthusiast. His car is typically quiet but he's been helping make an EV rally car roar.

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Heloise Stevance

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