September 2020 UniNews

Felicity Barnes' gift to history; Alison Jones' memoir; Emma Rogers AUSA; Kahu Virtual Campus; Mark Boyd on dirty politics; Hilary Chung obituary by Paul Clark

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Alison Jones

Alison Jones' "This Pākehā Life: an Uncomfortable Memoir" is an insight into Māori-Pākehā relationships over 60 years, seen through her own life events.

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Dr Mark Boyd

Opinion: Mark Boyd looks at if the 2020 campaign is leaving a gap for a return to dirty politics.

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Dr Felicty Barnes

Dr Felicity Barnes saw a struggle in the History Department and decided to help: with a $500k family gift.

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Peter Hunter

Obituary: Professor Paul Clark shares his memories of Dr Hilary Chung, who passed away on 16 August.

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Emma Rogers

Emma Rogers is acting president of the AUSA and talks about its role during Covid-19.

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Susan Morton

Read features from current and previous UniNews, as well as research, news, events and opinion. Pictured is Lara Greaves from July 2020.

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