July 2022 UniNews

Includes Associate Professor Jemaima Tiatia; ABI's Dr Geoffrey Handsfield; Kitiona Pasene; athlete Imogen Ayris; Veeran Morar, University waiata

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Jemaima Tiatia

The University's new Pro Vice-Chancellor Pacific, Jemaima Tiatia, says she will be an effective leader by bringing her whole authentic self to the table.

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Dr Geoffrey Handsfield

Dr Geoffrey Handsfield works on research into cerebral palsy but makes sure his own parasympathetic nervous system gets rest – through immersion in nature.

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Natalia Booth

Opinion: Natalia Booth was born in Russia and says she feels angry at her country for falling into the trap of imperialism. Again.

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Kitiona Pasene

Kitiona Pasene is part of a new approach to engaging with young people to boost their knowledge of university’s benefits.

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Waiata ruia

We all remember our school songs, but not too many people know the University has its own waiata. It has, and it’s now a decade old.

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Veeran Morar

Veeran Morar is delighted to have a job on Vision Bus Aotearoa, taking eye healthcare to those who may not have had it otherwise.

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Pole vaulter Imogen Ayris, a science student at the University, is off to the Commonwealth Games and hopes her good form brings reward.

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Heloise Stevance

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