October 2021 UniNews

Stats fan Rachel Fewster; Stephen Hoadley, opinion; Irene Chapple and Annie Goldson; Jim Speers and Tu Neill; John Middleton: mind your language

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Jin Russell

Professor Rachel Fewster discovered a way to combine her two loves: statistics and wildlife and never looked back.

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Dr Jennifer Miles-Chan

Although doctoral student John Middleton doesn’t speak Tokelauan, he’s keen to ensure others do.

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Irene Chapple

Masters student Irene Chapple worked with Professor Annie Goldson to tell the story of David Downs and others who have received CAR T-cell cancer therapy.

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Stephen Hoadley

Opinion: Stephen Hoadley tracks the US history of 'retreats' during his lifetime and says for every 'failure' he can point to a qualified success.

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Jim Speers and Tu Neill's doco Ayukawa

Elam film-makers Associate Professor Jim Speers and alumnus Tu Neill talk about their documentary 'Ayukawa: The Weight of a Life'

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Heloise Stevance

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