December 2020 UniNews

Geneticists Russell Snell and Klaus Lehnert; Jake Mahaffy on film; Helen Sword tightens prose; Tim Kuhner on the US election; Perzen Patel's food business.

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Klaus Lehnert and Russell Snell

From probing causes of human disease to improving milk production in goats, Klaus Lehnert and Russell Snell improve lives.

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Jake Mahaffy

With New Zealand being a desirable destination for filming series and film, 'Reunion' director Jake Mahaffy says it's a great time to study filmmaking.

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Helen Sword

Professor Helen Sword says academics face pressure to use big words, long sentences and abstract language. But can people understand their writing?

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Tim Kuhner

Opinion: Donald Trump's power won’t prove authoritarian enough to compel other levels of government to undermine the 2020 US election, writes Tim Kuhner.

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Gove Grefnes Diaz

Gove Grefnes Diaz arrived at the University from Mexico in 2011 an expert in cacti. Now he’s doing a PhD in linguistics.

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Perzen Patel

Perzen Patel was a finalist in the University of Auckland's Velocity $100k challenge after cooking up an idea for a tasty business.

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Rhys Jones

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