November 2019 UniNews

We meet Laura Cheftel, from 360 International; Dr Morag Atchison on music; Dr Rajshri Roy on food; Plus news, research and three big graduation stories.

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Dr Morag Atchison

Dr Morag Atchison has juggled operatic performances with her lecturing in the School of Music and had a top year.

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Laura Cheftel

Laura Cheftel from the 360 International team helps students spend time overseas as part of their education, through exchanges, internships and scholarships.

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Dr Rajshri Roy

Dietitian Rajshri Roy says university students have grown up surrounded by unhealthy foods.

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Dr Molly Mullen is a senior lecturer in Applied Theatre who says we need to recognise and fund the value of community arts.

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Geremy Hema from the September 2019 issue.

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