March 2020 UniNews

Michele Leggott, Nic Smith, Matheson Russell, Peter O'Connor and Jayden Houghton.

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Andrew Eberhard

Associate Professor Matheson Russell discusses philosophy and referenda.

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Professor Michele Leggott

More than three decades of poetry is represented in Professor Michele Leggott's Mezzaluna: Selected Poems, out in March.

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Nic Smith and the Engineering faculty

Professor Nic Smith, Dean of Engineering, will leave the University this month with pride in the faculty's achievements.

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Professor Peter O'Connnor

University of Auckland experts lead a trans-Tasman collaboration providing tools for teachers to guide children following the Australian bush fire disaster.

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Law lecturer Jayden Houghton

Opinion: With mātauranga Māori and taonga, it’s time for Māori and the Crown to work together, writes Jayden Houghton.

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Damon Saleda

Read features from current and previous UniNews, as well as research, news, events and opinion. Pictured is Damon Salesa from December 2019.

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