August 2022 UniNews

Includes law lecturer Dylan Asafo; Professor Jane Kelsey; Auckland Writers Festival; wastewater surveillance with Mackay Price; Field Club reunion

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Jemaima Tiatia

Dylan Asafo speaks out on health inequities and racism in the criminal justice system.

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Dr Geoffrey Handsfield

Doctoral student Mackay Price is helping with wastewater surveillance.

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Jane Kelsey

Opinion: Emeritus Professor Jane Kelsey says academics face worsening challenges to be public intellectuals and feel vulnerable when speaking out.

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Field club

This October, past members of the Auckland University Field Club will celebrate 100 years since the club’s formation.

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Roger Horrocks

The Auckland Writers Festival will take place 23-28 August, with a number of University creatives taking part.

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Veeran Morar

Veeran Morar is delighted to have a job on Vision Bus Aotearoa, taking eye healthcare to those who may not have had it otherwise.

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Heloise Stevance

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