SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities

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Top 10 Scopus publications by citation (2014-2018)

Systematic literature review of built environment effects on physical activity and active transport - an update and new findings on health equity

Source: International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (2017)
Authors: Smith, M., Hosking, J., Woodward, A., Witten, K., MacMillan, A., Field, A., Baas, P., Mackie, H.

Risk factors for excessive gestational weight gain in a healthy, nulliparous cohort

Source: Journal of Obesity (2014)
Authors: Restall, A., Taylor, R.S., Thompson, J.M.D., Flower, D., Dekker, G.A., Kenny, L.C., Poston, L., McCowan, L.M.E.

Migrant times beyond the life course: The temporalities of foreign English teachers in South Korea

Source: Geoforum (2015)
Authors: Collins, F.L., Shubin, S.

Youth and political economy: towards a Bourdieusian approach

Source: Journal of Youth Studies (2016)
Authors: France, A., Threadgold, S.

Why wealthier people think people are wealthier, and why it matters: From social sampling to attitudes to redistribution

Source: Psychological Science (2015)
Authors: Dawtry, R.J., Sutton, R.M., Sibley, C.G.

Effects of health-related food taxes and subsidies on mortality from diet-related disease in New Zealand: An econometric-epidemiologic modelling study

Source: PLoS ONE (2015)
Authors: Mhurchu, C.N., Eyles, H., Genc, M., Scarborough, P., Rayner, M., Mizdrak, A., Nnoaham, K., Blakely, T.

Enduring professional dislocation: Migrant social workers' perceptions of their professional roles

Source: British Journal of Social Work (2016)
Authors: Fouché, C., Beddoe, L., Bartley, A., De Haan, I.

Reversing land grabs or aggravating tenure insecurity? Competing perspectives on economic land concessions and land titling in Cambodia

Source: Law and Development Review (2014)
Authors: Oldenburg, C., Neef, A.

Experimental island invasion of house mice

Source: Population Ecology (2015)
Authors: Nathan, H.W., Clout, M.N., MacKay, J.W.B., Murphy, E.C., Russell, J.C.

Modeling health gains and cost savings for ten dietary salt reduction targets

Source: Nutrition Journal (2016)
Authors: Wilson, N., Nghiem, N., Eyles, H., Mhurchu, C.N., Shields, E., Cobiac, L.J., Cleghorn, C.L., Blakely, T.