SDG 12 Sustainable Consumption and Production

Stories and examples

Finance (Procurement Policy), Human Resources Health and Safety, Sustainability Office, Property Services, Campus Life

Top 10 Scopus publications by citation (2014-2018)

Flax fibre and its composites - A review

Source: Composites Part B: Engineering (2014)
Authors: Yan, L., Chouw, N., Jayaraman, K.

Climate change and health: On the latest IPCC report

Source: The Lancet (2014)
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The institutionalisation of corporate social responsibility reporting

Source: British Accounting Review (2014)
Authors: De Villiers, C., Alexander, D.

A comparative study on the heavy metal solidification/stabilization performance of four chemical solidifying agents in municipal solid waste incineration fly ash

Source: Journal of Hazardous Materials (2015)
Authors: Wang, F.-H., Zhang, F., Chen, Y.-J., Gao, J., Zhao, B.

Are CSR disclosures value relevant? Cross-country evidence

Source: European Accounting Review (2016)
Authors: Cahan, S.F., De Villiers, C., Jeter, D.C., Naiker, V., Van Staden, C.J.

Recovery of critical metals using biometallurgy

Source: Current Opinion in Biotechnology (2015)
Authors: Zhuang, W.-Q., Fitts, J.P., Ajo-Franklin, C.M., Maes, S., Alvarez-Cohen, L., Hennebel, T.

Key themes and research opportunities in sustainable supply chain management – identification and evaluation

Source: Omega (United Kingdom) (2017)
Authors: Reefke, H., Sundaram, D.

Construction and demolition waste generation and properties of recycled aggregate concrete: A global perspective

Source: Journal of Cleaner Production (2018)
Authors: Akhtar, A., Sarmah, A.K.

The economic consequences associated with integrated report quality: Capital market and real effects

Source: Accounting, Organizations and Society (2017)
Authors: Barth, M.E., Cahan, S.F., Chen, L., Venter, E.R.

Marine biodiversity, biogeography, deep-sea gradients, and conservation

Source: Current Biology (2017)
Authors: Costello, M.J., Chaudhary, C.