SDG 2 Zero Hunger

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Top 10 Scopus publications by citation (2014-2018)

Patchy progress on obesity prevention: Emerging examples, entrenched barriers, and new thinking

Source: The Lancet (2015)
Authors: Roberto, C.A., Swinburn, B., Hawkes, C., Huang, T.T.-K., Costa, S.A., Ashe, M., Zwicker, L., Cawley, J.H., Brownell, K.D.

Sustainable development and the water-energy-food nexus: A perspective on livelihoods

Source: Environmental Science and Policy (2015)
Authors: Biggs, E.M., Bruce, E., Boruff, B., Duncan, J.M.A., Horsley, J., Pauli, N., McNeill, K., Neef, A., Van Ogtrop, F., Curnow, J., Haworth, B., Duce, S., Imanari, Y.

Applying evolutionary biology to address global challenges

Source: Science (2014)
Authors: Carroll, S.P., Jørgensen, P.S., Kinnison, M.T., Bergstrom, C.T., Denison, R.F., Gluckman, P., Smith, T.B., Strauss, S.Y., Tabashnik, B.E.

Climate change and health: On the latest IPCC report

Source: The Lancet (2014)
Authors: Woodward, A., Smith, K.R., Campbell-Lendrum, D., Chadee, D.D., Honda, Y., Liu, Q., Olwoch, J., Revich, B., Sauerborn, R., Chafe, Z., Confalonieri, U., Haines, A.

Regional microbial signatures positively correlate with differential wine phenotypes: Evidence for a microbial aspect to terroir

Source: Scientific Reports (2015)
Authors: Knight, S., Klaere, S., Fedrizzi, B., Goddard, M.R.

Implications of land-use change in rural China: A case study of Yucheng, Shandong province

Source: Land Use Policy (2014)
Authors: Liu, Y., Yang, R., Long, H., Gao, J., Wang, J.

New archaeozoological data from the fayum "neolithic" with a critical assessment of the evidence for early stock keeping in Egypt

Source: PLoS ONE (2014)
Authors: Linseele, V., Van Neer, W., Thys, S., Phillipps, R., Cappers, R., Wendrich, W., Holdaway, S.

Transforming insect biomass into consumer wellness foods: A review

Source: Food Research International (2016)
Authors: Sun-Waterhouse, D., Waterhouse, G.I.N., You, L., Zhang, J., Liu, Y., Ma, L., Gao, J., Dong, Y.

Quinoa starch: Structure, properties, and applications

Source: Carbohydrate Polymers (2018)
Authors: Li, G., Zhu, F.

Sugarcane bagasse biochars impact respiration and greenhouse gas emissions from a latosol

Source: Journal of Soils and Sediments (2017)
Authors: Deng, W., Van Zwieten, L., Lin, Z., Liu, X., Sarmah, A.K., Wang, H.