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Career Development and Employability Services
Career Development and Employability Services

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Top 10 Scopus publications by citation (2014-2018)

Multiscale scenarios for nature futures

Source: Nature Ecology and Evolution (2017)
Authors: Rosa, I.M.D., Pereira, H.M., Ferrier, S. and 41 more

An IoT-Oriented data placement method with privacy preservation in cloud environment

Source: Journal of Network and Computer Applications (2018)
Authors: Xu, X., Fu, S., Qi, L., Zhang, X., Liu, Q., He, Q., Li, S.

Resistance to social entrepreneurship: How context shapes innovation

Source: Journal of Social Entrepreneurship (2014)
Authors: Newth, J., Woods, C.

International marketing strategies in industrial clusters: Insights from the Southern Hemisphere

Source: Journal of Business Research (2014)
Authors: Felzensztein, C., Stringer, C., Benson-Rea, M., Freeman, S.

Putting pinot alongside merino in Cromwell District, Central Otago, New Zealand: Rural amenity and the making of the global countryside

Source: Journal of Rural Studies (2015)
Authors: Perkins, H.C., Mackay, M., Espiner, S.

New Zealand's fisheries management system: Forced labour an ignored or overlooked dimension?

Source: Marine Policy (2014)
Authors: Simmons, G., Stringer, C.

New Zealand's turbulent waters: The use of forced labour in the fishing industry

Source: Global Networks (2016)
Authors: Stringer, C., Whittaker, D.H., Simmons, G.

Under the shadow: Forced labour among sea fishers in Thailand

Source: Marine Policy (2016)
Authors: Chantavanich, S., Laodumrongchai, S., Stringer, C.

Making poverty into a financial problem: From global poverty lines to

Source: Journal of International Development (2014)
Author: Schwittay, A.F.

Characteristics of prisoners with neurodevelopmental disorders and difficulties

Source: Journal of Intellectual Disability Research (2015)
Authors: Mccarthy, J., Chaplin, E., Underwood, L., Forrester,
A., Hayward, H., Sabet, J., Young, S., Asherson, P., Mills, R., Murphy, D.