Immigration support

Find out about living and working in Auckland, and how we can help you to move there.

All University of Auckland staff working within New Zealand, who are not citizens or residents, must have the correct visa. 

To make the immigration process as easy as possible for our applicants, we have a licensed immigration adviser on staff.

Living and working in New Zealand

To find out more about living and working in New Zealand, visit the following sites:

Discover our City Campus

The University of Auckland is located in the heart of Auckland’s business district. You can easily walk to the city’s main hospital, courts and legal firms from the main University campus. Such close proximity links our staff and students with world-leading specialists in the workforce and community.

Our medical students and staff work alongside medical clinicians at Auckland City Hospital, law academics can walk to the courts, while business students and staff can rub shoulders with their potential employers.

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city with a population of 1.5 million people. It is also central to the country’s retail and commercial activities.

Information about Auckland City

To find out more about Auckland City including its history, climate, population, special attractions, events and outdoor activities, visit the following websites:

Information about New Zealand

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