Lighting up the Viaduct Harbour

11 May 2018
Top: Light Field by James Russell. Below: Water Fun and Mountain of Light by Angus Muir. Images: Bas Van Est.

Postgraduate student James Russell’s immersive, atmospheric lighting installation Light Field is on display this weekend at Bright Nights in the Viaduct Harbour.

The free festival, in its second year, is led by Auckland-based architect, designer and University of Auckland alumnus Angus Muir, of Angus Muir Design.

Muir, who has been involved in over 50 lighting events across 8 countries, is regarded as a world-class lighting visionary.

James, 23, who has recently completed a masters degree in architecture, has created a work that consists of 36 modular posts, each standing 2.5 metres high, laid out in a grid pattern, that are brought to life using a dramatic repertoire of lighting effects ranging from subtle changes in colour to simulated displays of nature.

The ‘Light Field’ is intended be viewed, approached and inhabited and offers a 360-degree experience, designed to draw people in and stimulate their emotions and senses.

His work is one of more than a dozen art installations that will come alive at 6pm each night starting Friday the 11th and running until Sunday 13th of May.

Other light works include the Square Dance Discotheque, with a moving image floor, the Boing Boing Gloop Machine, featuring light, sound, magic and lycra, the Mountain of Light with simulated eruptions of shooting flames and molten lava, to name just a few.

Curtesy of the Maritime Museum, several lit-up ship sculptures will float in the air, and the famed dance troupe Vospertron, will perform in lit up LED suits.

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Bright Nights
Friday 11-Sunday 13 May
6pm-late, Viaduct Harbour