Structure of our research

The largest organisational units for research at the University are faculties and large-scale research institutes. On behalf of its collaborating institutions, the University also hosts national Centres for Research Excellence.

The University of Auckland has eight faculties, each representing a major area of research and teaching:

In addition, the University currently supports two large-scale research institutes: The Liggins Institute and The Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

The University of Auckland is host to three of the seven national Centres of Research Excellence:

The Centres of Research Excellence (CoRE) Fund was established by the New Zealand Government in 2001 to encourage world-class research contributing to New Zealand's development. The principal objectives of the Fund are to promote excellent research that contributes to New Zealand's future development, and undertake research that incorporates knowledge transfer activities in training.

In addition to the Centres of Research Excellence, The University of Auckland supports the work of various Research Centres and Research Institutes, which facilitate cross-disciplinary, cross-faculty research initiatives.

Research institutes and centres