Affiliations and associations

The University of Auckland has a number of significant affiliations with other institutions both nationally and internationally.


Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU)
The University collaborates with the major universities of the Pacific Rim economies through its network membership of the APRU, a consortium of 42 leading research universities in the Pacific Rim.

The University undertakes collaborative research with these international counterparts, both as an institution and through individual staff members who are expert in their field.

Other network activities allow the University, its staff and students to affect global change through multidisciplinary forums and combined research efforts. The University also maintains a network of bilateral relationships with institutions and other bodies worldwide.

Universitas 21
As the only New Zealand member of Universitas 21, the University of Auckland benefits from an international network of leading research universities in 15 countries that cooperate towards high educational quality and international visibility.

Worldwide Universities Network (WUN)
In 2010, the University of Auckland accepted a formal invitation to join the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN), an international university network focused primarily on research collaboration, postgraduate education and research funding. WUN comprises leading research universities committed to bringing their collective capability to bear some of the major issues facing humankind.

International Faculty Affiliations

The University of Auckland's faculties and research institutes have members in several international associations and are affiliated with specialised global networks.

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Auckland University of Technology

In 2005 the University of Auckland and the Auckland University of Technology (AUT), recognising the benefits of a differentiated system of tertiary education, established a forum to recognise the complementary nature of their missions and values. The two institutions meet when necessary to promote, co-ordinate and manage the various administrative and academic opportunities for co-operation that arise from time to time.

In 2009 the University of Auckland, AUT University and Auckland City Council recognising their unique positioning, formally recognised Auckland's Learning Quarter and its potential as a world-class centre for education, research and commercialisation. Covering 63 hectares, the Learning Quarter has New Zealand's largest concentration of students, researchers, teachers, innovators and creators. The Learning Quarter Plan expresses the partners' vision and outlines how they will work together to help drive the area's economic, social, cultural and development over the next ten years.

Learning Quarter Plan
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Manukau Institute of Technology

The University of Auckland and the Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) have had a deed of cooperation in place since 1999.

Deed of Cooperation
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