Distinguished Professor Appointment Policy and Procedures


All academic staff members 


This document provides guidance on the establishment of and appointments to distinguished professor


1.    University wishes to recognise that there are members of its professorial staff who, in their fields of study and work, have attained positions of international eminence of the highest order

2.    It has, therefore, created the position of University Distinguished Professor to which it will make a limited number of appointments

3.    The position of University Distinguished Professor will hold a special status and indicate the significance the University accords the work and achievement of its holders

4.    A University Distinguished Professorship will be held until the resignation or retirement of the appointee


5.    Appointments to the position of University Distinguished Professor will be made by the Vice-Chancellor, after taking advice in each case from a specially constituted sub-committee of the University Academic Staffing Committee (UASC)

6.    In such cases the eminence of the work of the appointee will be attested to by the public recognition he or she has received from the scholarly community

7.    It is not possible to apply for a University Distinguished Professorship

8.    The responsibilities of University Distinguished Professors will be discussed and agreed in each case with the Vice-Chancellor. If it is agreed that the duties are to be wholly or partially confined to research, scholarship, or creative work for a specified period of time, an appropriate portion of the salary of the University Distinguished Professor will be met from the Vice-Chancellor’s Fund for the period which this is to be the case

9.    The Vice-Chancellor may also make special funding available to support such activities. It is anticipated however that University Distinguished Professors will continue to contribute to the teaching activities of the University

10.    When a University Distinguished Professor continues to participate in his or her department or school in the usual manner (or to the extent he or she does so), the salary will be met from departmental funding

11.    University Distinguished Professors will remain members of their departments or schools and will be expected to contribute to the activities of their faculties

12.    Remuneration and conditions of appointment will be reviewed annually by the Vice-Chancellor


The following definitions apply to this policy and procedure:

Distinguished Professor means a member of professorial staff who has attained international eminence of the highest order

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full or part time basis

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries 

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