Documents for consultation

Privacy Framework documents:

The following draft documents all support the University's Privacy Framework which includes a policy, procedures, guidelines and associated documents. The purpose of the framework is to ensure that all University members manage personal information in compliance with the Privacy Act 1993, other relevant laws, and the privacy promises the University has made to its members.  

The consultation period is open until Friday January 18th 2019.

All feedback should be addressed to:



  • Privacy Policy

    To ensure that the University meets its responsibilities in the way we handle personal information.

  • Disclosure of Personal Information Procedures

    To ensure that all University members understand when they may disclose personal information to a third party and the questions they must ask before doing so.

Personal and Group Websites Policy

To provide a policy framework for the use of websites provided by the University for individual staff members and/or affiliated individuals or groups.

This policy is now available for consultation until Friday 22nd February.

All feedback should be addressed to: