Music rooms and auditorium

There are two music rooms and an auditorium on the Epsom Campus.

  • 6EB-111 is a 35-seater music room. It is suitable for hand-held instruments or vocal groups. It has a high ceiling and air conditioning, and a projector and sound system.
  • 6EB-118 is a 30-capacity music room. It is suitable for fixed equipment. It has a piano, drums and a keyboard.
  • 6EB-113 is a music auditorium with 240 capacity. It has a dual projector and audio-visual set up. It also offers hand-held and lapel microphones. It has 250 stackable chairs that can be set up in any configuration. It also contains 25 foldable trestle tables available on request. It also has a 25-seat mezzanine floor for particularly large groups. A grand piano is in the auditorium and available for use.

The booker is responsible for setting up the room in any other shape, and must return it to the standard set-up afterwards.

The music equipment in 6EB-111 and 6EB-118 belongs to the Faculty of Education and Social Work. Please discuss any equipment requirements when making a booking.

The music rooms and auditoriums are generally not used by teaching staff in the evenings and weekends.

Bottled water is permitted in the music rooms and auditorium, but no other drinks or food can be consumed.

Staff wishing to use one of the music spaces should book through University room bookings.

University clubs or outside individuals or organisations should phone 09 623 8808 or email Facilities and Services Manager Raymond Dixon.