Student business initiatives

The University and its individual faculties run a number of student-focused business initiatives to foster an entrepreneurial culture within the University, the most well-known being Spark.

Spark is a voluntary student-led organisation run with support from foundation partners the University of Auckland Business School and The ICEHOUSE business incubator. Spark runs three business plan competitions - the $10K Challenge, the $40K Challenge and the Spark Aspire Challenge. Spark also runs free business advice seminars throughout the year.

Chiasma is a student-led initiative that fosters linkages between biotech-related faculties in the University (the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, the School of Biological Sciences, the Bioengineering Institute and the Business School) in order to build networks between students and the New Zealand biotech sector and encourage innovation in the field of biotechnology. Chiasma runs a number of key events including I-Volve, Career Catalyst and Synapse, as well as industry networking events.

Management Consulting Club
The Management Consulting Club is a student organisation founded in 2001. It facilitates opportunities for students of all academic backgrounds to bridge the divide between academia and real world commerce, providing extracurricular experience for students in business via events, challenges and competitions.