5 things you should know about psychometric testing

  1. There are different types of psychometric tests. Some might focus on numerical and verbal reasoning, while others might analyse your personality type. In numerical and verbal reasoning tests, there’s one clear right and wrong answer. In personality questionnaires, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.
  2. These tests are designed to test your natural abilities in specific areas as well as evaluate how you might problem solve, behave and relate to other people.
  3. Psychometric tests are usually sat under exam conditions with a time limit.
  4. Answer honestly in personality questionnaires - don’t just try and pick what you think sounds good. The questionnaires are usually designed to catch this out.
  5. Give yourself the best chance of success by asking a prospective employer what kind of tests you’ll be required to undertake. Then you can mentally prepare and do some practice questionnaires online.

Fun fact

Did you know the USA used psychometric testing during the world wars to determine which conscripts were battle-ready?

Take action

Attend an assessment centre/psychometric testing workshop to learn more about the kind of activities you'll come across, and try some out.

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