Nina Cohen Bohn

Head of Principal Gifts

I joined the team in early 2024 feeling fortunate to bring nearly twenty five years of higher educational fundraising experience, from the US and the UK with me. My role is to work with alumni, friends, companies and foundations to inspire them to give significant and transformational gifts to the University. With the depth of world class research happening here across such a broad spectrum of fields, I am sure supporting our faculty and students in their endeavours will be of interest to philanthropists from New Zealand and the rest of the world.

Prior to my career in fundraising I spent 15 years in advertising sales and professional sports. It was when I took a break from all that in 1995 that I discovered New Zealand as we were backpacking around the country. I never forgot that early experience and am delighted to be back with my husband to enjoy it once again. I look forward to contributing to the University and the country.