The George Mason Centre for the Natural Environment

The George Mason Centre for the Natural Environment is a multi-disciplinary integrated centre that fosters and promotes research across disciplines to develop innovative strategies focused on the health of the environment.

Major challenges for The George Mason Centre for the Natural Environment include:

  • Restoring species, habitats and ecosystems
  • Defining ways to support conservation in the face of environmental change
  • Identifying and testing new technologies to support sustainability
  • Revealing the connections within and between nature and society to inform actions and innovative policy.

The Centre is providing the University of Auckland with a new, independent voice, backed by strong scholarship and empirical evidence, to inform the debates over the future of our unique natural habitats and remedial activities needed.

Educating brilliant, passionate minds at the George Mason Centre for the Environment will bring fresh ideas to accelerate research and translate findings into positive solutions. The greatest and most transformative investment is in students and early career researchers who embody all the potential of the future. However, there is intense international competition for such students and researchers. We want to attract and retain the brightest and most creative young minds, to create a legacy of solution-focused research and to provide opportunities for this research to be applied to our land and seas, for all of our futures.

For more information, contact:

Kate Thompson, Development Manager, Science