Global Asthma Network

Led from The University of Auckland since 2012, the Global Asthma Network researches and campaigns globally to combat asthma, continuing the work of the internationally acclaimed 20 year ISAAC research programme.

The Global Asthma Network strives for a world where no one suffers from asthma. Currently globally more than a thousand people a day die from asthma, with adolescents having the highest prevalence and severity. Help us prevent avoidable asthma deaths and suffering that are still occurring due to inappropriate management of asthma here, in the Pacific and around the world. The Global Asthma Reports highlight the situation in 31 countries, across six WHO regions, and have been published in 2011, 2014, 2018 and 2022 by the Global Asthma Network. Although asthma knowledge has increased, there are still significant gaps in the data and the Global Asthma Network is working towards closing these to help further understand and manage this disabling condition. Your generous gift today will provide critical support to The University of Auckland based Global Asthma Network research team.